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A Picture of Style: The BeSpoke Dudes Eyewear

Launched in 2015, the BeSpoke Dudes, originally a blog founded on mastery, and custom tailoring by Fabio Attanasio was brought to life in partnership with leading entrepreneur, Andrea Vigano. Together, their vision underlined a common goal to showcase Italy’s diversification in product artistry.

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The Coats Keeping These Influencers Warm When It Gets Really Really Cold

We’ve asked two respected men’s style influencers, Denny Balmaceda, and Isaac Hindin-Miller about their take on the winter styles they trust to carry them through agonizing degrees, and excruciating freezing points. Here’s what they had to say:

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Style Commentary: Bracelets For The Understated, The In Between-er, and The Maximalist

Despite the fact it seems as though more men are coming around to the idea of beautifying their wrists these days - thanks to the small scale exposure some fashion photographers, media journalists, and bloggers have the able to give, and celebrity culture, the subject of adorning wrists still remains a polarizing one for some of the men who live a casual day to day lifestyle and aren’t fully “in fashion”.

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Man To Man: The Deal with Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

Substitute the traditional full on shade sunglasses for designs with muted tints, and light colored lenses to complement your indoor field of vision.

Tread lightly. It’s not as substandard as it may seem.

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