Books To Pick Up: On Men's Style

If you’re looking to gain an understanding of the core of what it means to have REAL style, look no further because we at BOND OFFICIAL have selected a diverse collection of books with the most exciting content strands.

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Words, Igee Okafor

Illustration, Marcus Richardson

There are lots of great books in the men’s style space for tips on appearance, fundamental knowledge on clothing, and overall personal style construction. But if you’re looking to gain an understanding of the core of what it means to have REAL style, look no further because we at BOND OFFICIAL have selected a diverse collection with the most exciting content strands.

Included in these selections are works of various authors, journalists, poets, and comedians that will make you chuckle, sharp witted, and clear sighted by the end of the read. In addition, we guarantee that you’ll be sure to have a well founded knowledge on the subject of what it means to have style in a way that is practical and stimulating. Happy Reading!


Essays, Interviews and Considerations

by David Coggins


Often, you’ll hear that there’s a difference between style and fashion and when it comes to consuming product, you’re better off procuring products that are style driven meaning prioritizing valuables that can further characterize who you are as an individual.

One of the great things about David Coggins’ ‘Men and Style’ is that its content isn’t entirely focused on the author himself. In addition to informative and witty personal essays from Coggins throughout the book, Coggins also strategically interviews notable thought leaders in the style and lifestyle industry detailing their upbringings and preferences as it pertains to the products they like to consume. Through these interviews, readers get to follow a theme that highlights a certain understanding of the essential development of style.

All in all, an educational, humorous and heartwarming piece of work.


Bespoke Knowledge for the Crispy Gentleman

by Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman


Fuck Yeah Menswear is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious books I have ever come across in the men’s style category. Written by Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman, the manual gives a comical conduct of the men’s fashion and style community as we see it today featuring attractive images of diverse styles, and a style glossary containing almost every menswear lingo capable of reference.

In form of what seems to be a poetic structure, the authors of Fuck Yeah Menswear touches on almost every genre of men’s style from formal wear, to athletic, to streetwear. Sure, this might not be your ultimate menswear bible presenting historic facts or essential culture/industry references but you learn just enough to keep you aware of style archetypes, and branding relevant to style culture today.

Not to mention, part of the book’s charm is that the authors poke fun at some of fashion’s most sought out stereotypes. It’s comic gold.


The Manual For A Stylish Life | Volume I, II & III



Insider tips, advice, interviews, and articles that are sure to leave you with just enough of a grasp to the idea that is living stylishly - this is what Mr Porter’s Paperback manual is.

Although it is labeled a 'manual,' the statement of the books focus less on telling you 'how to’ or ‘what’s supposed to be’ and more on how to navigate the idea of what it means to inject a bit of culture into your life. This includes fashion, travel, cars, design and more.

It’s educational, eloquent, and engaging enough to transcend time. It would also make for the perfect gift for any man looking to enlighten himself.

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