Every Man Should Have These 10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Marcus Richardson

Acknowledging necessity is the first step towards building a long lasting wardrobe, deciding what style of this necessity is what builds your personal style. When we take a look back to the purpose of clothing, the main reason it garnered interest was because of its functionality. We buy things like wool scarves, and coats to keep us warm, and we buy sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun. Nowadays with the over saturation, and excess production of fashion goods, it’s easy to get into the hype of what’s current in the moment and forgetting what it is that you actually need on a day to day basis.

In addition to making men look, and feel better, the sole purpose of this article is to highlight high priority articles of clothing to help improve one’s lifestyle. These clothing items are supposed to be signature to you in a way that showcases your personal taste, and how it relates to the way you live your daily life. These essentials don't necessarily have to be intricate, and overly detailed. They are simply supposed to serve as items attractive enough to create comprehensive looks good enough for daily use. The idea is that you can wake up, and be assured that you're going to look great - whether it's in specific piece of clothing, or a full on ensemble.  Listed below are significant winter basics that will always be relevant time, after time.

  • The Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt in white, or blue is probably THE men’s style essential. The oxford shirt serves as a foundational article of clothing for any dressed up, or casual ensemble you decide to put together. Find one with a light fit to allow ease on layering. Buying four to seven of these is the right idea.

  • The White Dress Shirt

A crisp, and clean white dress shirt is the leading contributor to any classic look. This piece is very relevant to every working professional, and every man who engages in activities that require dressing up. When it comes to menswear, procuring something like a white dress shirt is always more exciting to wear when it’s made for you. A Made To Measure or Bespoke white shirt is a smart investment. For rather stylish choices, make sure to utilize a cutaway collar, pin collar, club collar, or forward point collar.

  • The Cashmere Sweater

We hear about cashmere sweaters all the time, and it’s because they are known as one of the finest luxury garments in knitwear.  Having a great cashmere sweater is essential for the colder seasons, even if it is just one pair. They’re sophisticated, and they serve as a great layering piece - over your shirt and under your coat. When it comes to selecting the ideal cashmere sweater, the right length, and fit is important.  I naturally encourage primary colors like Blues & Whites for versatility.

  • A Pair of Jeans or A Pair of Chinos

In the men’s style space, I find that it’s usually an “either or” answer when it comes to shopping for bottoms. Some men prefer jeans, some prefer chinos, and there are valid reasons why for both. Although both are very casual, jeans seem to read way more casual than chinos. With chinos, it’s easy to mistake to tailored dress trousers which is great for men who don’t enjoy looking too casual. Chinos can be dressed up, or dressed down and they possess such a lightweight feel, and look. Where these two items read as essentials is that they both make a great homely options for easy going days.

  • A Suit

Like the white dress shirt, we’re talking about another one of the most classic menswear staples. The suiting ensemble typically only favors:

  1. working professionals

  2. every man who engages in activities that require dressing up

  3. any man who enjoys wearing suits

Where suiting is concerned, a navy single or double breasted is the most essential, and versatile choice. While most men will say black is a better choice, the idea is that you don’t want to risk unconsciously reading as a restaurant host or event server. Opt for a wool or cashmere choice, and invest in a made to measure or bespoke choice from a reputable brand. Something as specifically designed as a suit needs to fit to a T. You won’t regret it!

  • A Coat

Whether single or double breasted, a stylish wool or cashmere coat in a versatile color you can wear for important, and high toned events is a necessity. Things to look out for include fabric, texture, weight, and layering latitude. This is a coat you’ll be wearing almost everyday so it’s important you prioritize the characteristics that’ll benefit you the most. If this is your first coat, a simplistic solid color that can go with anything is recommended. Save the more illustrious design for your second, or third coat.

  • A Trench Coat

You need a great coat to protect your clothing from getting soiled in the rain. That’s the trench coat. It’s great because it rains during all four season changes so you’ll be getting your moneys worth. A classic lightweight trench coat in khaki or black hits the nail on the head. Pair over your suit, or casual ensemble. The trench coat customarily pairs well with every styling scheme.

  • A Parka Jacket

For those days when it's tough to brace the outdoors, thick outerwear is needed and there is no other outerwear that can face agonizing degrees and excruciating freezing points like the cozy, and enjoyable Parka Jacket. For days when the weather could possibly freeze your face off, you'll be thankful you own one. High quality parka jackets are quite pricy so, you will want to get your monies worth by making sure whatever parka that is chosen is, easily adaptable. That means foundational colors like Navy, Green, and Brown are easily the best choices. Design options lined with faux fur on its hood, and full of detachable pockets is spot on.

  • A Pair of Boots

Boots have been a silent winter style staple across the world especially for men who enjoy the outdoors. You’ll want to keep your feet warm, and what is more essential than a shoe heavy enough to do so. Chelsea boots, lace up, and chukka boots are high priority options. You don’t need to own all. One pair is enough. This is for the weekends, and casual errands. For more casual looks but if done well, they can all work into a more elevated look with exception of the Chelsea boot. It’s the most fashionable of the three mentioned. A little bit of earth toned colors, and polish will set you apart from the other gentlemen who would get the boot in black or plain brown. 

  • A Pair of Sneakers

No matter the season, every man needs a relaxed shoe option. A white pair of sneakers remains the most fit option to date. For durability, you get a better bang do your buck with a smooth leather sneaker with flexible rubber soles.