Style Commentary: Bracelets For The Understated, The In Between-er, and The Maximalist


When it comes to wrist wear, the standard man is less likely to appraise anything that isn’t a wrist watch. For some, it’s a homage to a generational sense of style, and for others, it’s the ill judged stigma of jewelry being too showy in association with a feminal, and high faluting culture. Flipping through magazines, and scrolling through social media, the lack of content dedicated to men’s wrist wear brands almost confirm this premise.

Despite the fact it seems as though more men are coming around to the idea of beautifying their wrists these days - thanks to the small scale exposure some fashion photographers, media journalists, and bloggers have been able to give, the subject of adorning wrists still remains a polarizing one for some of the men who live a casual day to day lifestyle, and aren’t fully “in fashion”.

The truth is, when it comes to acknowledged adornments like bracelets, rings, and cuff-links, there is an expression of enthusiastic creativity, and taste level needed to execute properly. In a sea of diverse offerings where there is something for every man, neatness, and flair trumps all.

Here’s a recommendation for every Wrist Accessory Enthusiast:

The Understated:

This is for the man who would rather stick with a low-key sense of style. He tends to favor the same blues, browns, and greys. He’s willing to try something new, but he never wants to highlight its obviousness. The branding of said accessory has to be fitting for various occasions, and must stand the test of time. To the understated style enthusiast, sustainability, and well invested elegance matters the most.

Fitting Brand: Miansai

a hand made jewelry line operating on high quality craftsmanship for everyday wear is fitting for this enthusiast. Minimal offerings like the singular cuff in sterling silver, or the standard 18-Karat Gold-Plated cuff do enough to rise to the occasion navigating through casual, and formalwear.

The In Between-er:

The In Between-er isn’t necessarily interested in acquiring accessories, but he’s not opposed to the idea as well especially if it represents something about his personality. He’s the kind of man who travels to Vietnam, and buys a rope, multi stoned, or leather bracelet suggestive of his experience or an initialed piece from his favorite designer to easily pinpoint his taste - distinctive, and untaught.

Fitting Brand: Peyote Bird

Peyote Bird is a family owned unisex jewelry brand that prides itself on cultural, and symbolic references. In their product repertoire, you’ll always see a pattern or design allusion to an international community. Stones, beads, and metal are the central focus of the brand, and each piece really exudes stamped mastery.

The Maximalist:

This is for the gentleman who personifies all the self assurance where accessories are involved. They’re able to blend the understated designs with the more ostentatious to fully realize the full potential of their versatile style. This can be anything from one extravagant bracelet to a pile of individual bracelets on both hands. Name the bracelet genre, and they’re able to produce one from their personal collection. The Maximalist is really enthused by design as a whole, and is readily open to new possibilities. Anything from leather, to beaded bracelets, the maximalist is always up for making a statement.

Fitting Brand: M. Cohen

M. Cohen is one of the most exciting, eclectic, and all-embracing jewelry brands that exist today. The brand’s body of work is a melting pot of realized ideas, designs, and finesse from a widely miscellaneous latitude of sources. Jewelry connoisseurs like Gerard Butler, and Chris Hemsworth vouch its pertinent fit.