Man To Man: The Deal with Wearing Sunglasses Indoors


Sunglasses are one of man’s most sought after accessories because they attach a distinctive polish of refinement to even the most basic attire without overwhelming it. Over the years, I have made it a priority to make sure I always have an accessible pair of frames for every occasion, and recently, I have found myself breaking rules known to style enthusiasts all over the world - for example: wearing sunglasses indoors.

This particular gesture is one that seems to anger most, and theoretically with purpose of product considered, this passionate disapprobation makes a lot of sense, and is valid to a certain extent. Sunglasses were produced with the intention of allowing us to look stylish while also protecting our eyes under the sun. Undoubtedly, the attraction that lies with sunglasses are well founded. That being said, according to someone like me who believes personal style should reflect whatever feels the most authentic to you, the deal with wearing sunglasses indoors is not as outlandish of an idea.

It’s all in the circumstances that form the setting, and as well distinguished men who thrive on respect, it’s always important to gauge where the concept works. Of course, you shouldn’t be wearing sunglasses in a business meeting, or in a setting too dark for you to see. However, in a casual atmosphere that include friends, or other events like solo dining, I don’t see what the quandary is about. The impression is appealing in an unconventional way, and it is a thorough example that really triggers the thought of regulations as it pertains to something as personal as style - created to thrive on authentic individuality.

We’ve seen style symbols like P. Diddy, Jack Nicholson, Kanye West, and Bob Dylan follow suit and while the approach to style is not something I deem a must try for every man, I will say it is an exciting take on perception. If you are enthusiastically considering this value in casual flair, I encourage you to exert yourself. Substitute the traditional full on shade sunglasses for designs with muted tints, and light colored lenses to complement your indoor field of vision.

Tread lightly. It’s not as substandard as it may seem.