Five Treasured and Transformed Pescatarian Delicacies

In search of a filling meal with more nutrients than toxins? We have five.


In search of filling meals with more nutrients than toxins and tastes that our palette can dance for? Turn to a pescatarian way of life.

A pescatarian dietary lifestyle is made up of a vegetarian diet that includes seafood: salmon, tuna, perch, clams and more. It supports a plant-based diet that is high in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals by supplying omega-3 fatty acids and protein without ever having to eat poultry or red meat.

The existence of seafood spans many cultures, geographical locations, and years of evolution of diet. However, when we are thinking of delicacies that survived through our parents parents, there are several dishes most can agree on. Between fish, shellfish, and roe, there are so many delicious meals long enjoyed.

Below are five treasured and transformed delicacies along with chef-worthy recipes provided by OLaVie, an underground pop-up dining experience that creates a bonding space around the love of food, people, and culinary storytelling.


Salmon with Fresh Cucumber Salad

miso glazed salmon recipe.jpg

A simple and mediterranean dish with lightly grilled or roasted salmon with lemon and herbs is both light and refreshing. Manages to sate the hunger in warmer continents and areas of the world.

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Shrimp Gumbo

Seafood Paella

seafood paella recipe.jpg

The saffron used to season this dish is one of the most sought out and imitated spices in the world which gives this dish a special flair. An ancient story tells that the Moorish King’s servants would use leftovers of fish and rice to make this mixed dish. Ironically, connoisseurs and servants both created a name for Paella and with this, its toasted rice, and a mix of seafood and vegetables.

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The melting pot of Louisiana cooking. Gumbo can be made with a wide array of meat or seafood but is known for its soulful Okra base. Gumbo is the West African word for okra, the traditional root of this delicacy. A debate on whether tomatoes belong in this recipe or not is only a small disagreement in comparison to all the people that cherish this dish.

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Seven Loaves and Two Fish

Snakelocks Anemone/Ortiguillas


The Andalusian coast and Madrid is where you can experience fried sea anemone. This delicacy was once a necessity in the diets of the impoverished. Like Paella, anemone has become a special treat for those who happen by the coast of Spain.

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Granted, we are out of context here, but fish and bread? Endless possibilities. So with this, go out and discover some of these delicacies in your own town or kitchen!

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