Ori Taub Shares His Guide To Tel Aviv, Israel

Photographer, explorer and Israeli native, Ori Taub gives us a guide to the city’s bustling streets, mouthwatering cuisines and more of what the captivating city has to offer.


Words, Marcus V Richardson

Photography, Ori Taub


On the Mediterranean Coast lies the largest metropolitan in Israel - Tel Aviv. With its beautiful beaches, stark architecture and intriguing museum exhibits, the city exudes a certain allure. During the day, there are unique activity offerings that can be memorable for anyone who experiences it. At night, the city lights up and buzzes with a vibrant, intoxicating night life.

Titled the ‘Capital of Mediterranean Cool’ by the New York Times, Tel Aviv is a city like no other and a must see destination for those looking for an experience like no other.

We turned to photographer, explorer and Israeli native, Ori Taub to give us a guide to the city’s bustling streets, mouthwatering cuisines and more of what the captivating city has to offer.


Ori Taub

Fashion Photographer, 32

Tel Aviv Resident



Where To Sleep:


dave 5.jpg

Located by Levinsky market, one of Tel Aviv’s cool and young neighborhoods, the Dave Levinsky can be described as a boutique hotel that won’t break the bank. The spaces are small but the rooms are well designed and comfortable. You are sure to enjoy your stay.


Where To Eat:



This beautiful vegan restaurant is located at the city center, just two minutes away from Rothchild street. When you walk in, you will feel like you are in a “pink dream”. The vegan food is so good its frequented by both vegans and non-vegans alike.


Where To Drink:

Mondo 2000

mondo 2000 b.jpg

Levinsky Market is a great chance to travel a little south and experience a taste of life with the locals. This market has everything. You will find a lot of places to have coffee (check out Tony & Esther) , a beer (Check out the TEDER), and the best pizza in town (Pizza Lila). You can also dine at a lovely chef owned restaurant (check out Dalida). To end or start your night, you will definitely want to visit Mondo 2000, a rooftop bar with a 360 city view of the city.


Where To Shop:


story 4.jpg

If you are more into a multi-branded store, you have to check out STORY, an Israeli chain that sells many brands like Herschel Supply, Nudie Jeans, Champion, Goorin Bros. and many more. They have 10 stores around town.


Where To Explore:



When you're looking to recover from the night before or simply start your day off right, the best place to start is Carmel Market. This a great place for a slow stroll. For the healthiest and freshest juice that will heal any sore throat, hangover or broken heart, find Tikva. You’ll be sure to find a juice that will get you back on track to enjoy the rest of your trip.