Why We're Toasting To The End of Summer With This Rosé Brand

We’ve been toasting with ‘provence style’ rosé, Fleur De Mer from Cotes de Provence, France.



Photography, Grant Legan


Alas, nothing lasts forever and with the end of summer approaching quickly, we’ve been using every excuse there is to memorialize with our last few rosé bottles. The cozy charm the end of summer ambience brings calls for it.

Here at BOND OFFICIAL, we’ve settled on the fact that there is just something about the smooth and invigorating taste of rosé that keeps us coming back for more. Nothing compares to a finely served glass on a gorgeous summer day or night, and although the statement is very cliche, you must admit there has to be a reason the movement escorts such an excitable spend as a seasonal beverage. It’s the signifier of summer prosperity and refinement. That being said, we’ve been toasting with “provence style” rosé, Fleur De Mer from Cotes de Provence, France.

If you know, you know - and if you don’t, we whole heartedly encourage you to stop everything you are doing right now, and procure a bottle or two at your nearest wine shop.

Here’s why:

  1. It’s a hearty palate pleaser

    With a flavor that is as attractive as its purple label branding, Fleur De Mer evokes a one of a kind palette featuring mixes of lavender, cherry, fresh watermelon, citrus, peach, and mediterranean herbs. The result? A fully realized savor with a springy surface and smooth finish.

  2. It pairs well with savory and sweet foods

    A rosé like Fleur De Mer is exquisite on its own, but it also pairs well with any classic dish. From steak and potatoes to your fine seafood assortment, it all lies in the smoothness of the rosé texture. Because of the sweet profile the drink carries, you can trust and believe that we’ve been pairing it with almost any and everything we’ve been chomping on these last few months - fruits and dessert included.

  3. It’s easy on the wallet

    We’ve got taste for the finest of wines and even though it feels good to splurge every once in while, we can attest to the joys of enjoying a moderately priced bottle of high quality rosé. Fleur De Mer offers excellent options under $30.