Caleb Thill’s Spain Photo Diary: Barcelona, Costa Brava and More

Barcelona and Costa Brava through the eyes of Caleb Thill. Small fishing villages lined right on the water, winding roads along the coast, and crystal clear water. You get the picture.


Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Caleb Thill


When I started following Caleb Thill’s Spain voyage through the lens that is Instagram last month, I found myself reverting back to his online feed and Instagram stories for double takes.

It was the way he was able to capture all of his stops so seamlessly with devices as simplistic as a film camera and an iPhone. His photographs were summery, welcoming, and radiant - focusing on shared intimate moments with friends, and landscape shots of the towns he explored.

Caleb’s point of view was very reminiscent of the dreamy and nostalgic summers we’ve seen talented photographers like Stuart Cantor capture and I couldn’t get enough.

Already featured several times for his recommendations, and photography, I asked Caleb if he would be open to sharing a detailed photo diary of his adventures on BOND OFFICIAL. That’s when we started conversation about why he decided to visit Barcelona and bike through Spain’s Northern Coastline, Costa Brava. He says, “The food and tapas culture looked incredible. Small fishing villages lined right on the water, winding roads along the coast, and crystal clear water. You get the picture.” and I certainly did.

On the subject of his photography technique when he travels, Caleb prefers to have more of an instinctive, and “in the moment” capture.

“I never want to be so obsessed with capturing a specific element/shot so much so that I’m not being present in the moment.” says Thill. “On this trip, I brought my film camera (Nikon l35AF), my digital (Fuji Film x-t20) and obviously my iPhone and I used them interchangeably. There were times I only had my iPhone. It’s hard to always bring all your equipment when you travel. Just because you may only have your phone doesn’t mean you can’t capture stunning images from your trip.”

Scroll down to see photos from his travels.


Tossa De Mar, Costa Brava


La Sirena


Cala Pola


Cala Pola


Tossa De Mar


Off The Coast, Barcelona


Hotel Florida, Tossa de Mar

Road biking from Tossa de Mar to Llafranc


From the top of Villa Vella, Tossa de Mar


Above Cala del Senyor Ramon in between Tossa de Mar and Llafranc

La Bistro, Girona

Pals, Girona


Apartment in Pals


Calella de Palafrugell, Costa Brava