Getting Ready For Montauk's Hottest Summer Concert Series with Dale Moss

Former NFL player, Dale Moss was out east in Montauk preparing for one of the town’s biggest event weekend events with Grey Goose and we were there to document his getting ready.


Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Kenny P Chen

While the cars continued to honk, and the tourists continued to swarm the city of New York this past weekend, former NFL player, Dale Moss was out east in Montauk preparing for one of the town’s biggest event weekend events with Grey Goose - the summer concert series held at The Surf Lodge.

It’s a calm Saturday evening, and we had just come off a late linner with Moss who was now enjoying a refreshing cocktail courtesy of Grey Goose as he got ready for what we now consider to be Montauk’s hottest summer concert series.

Without a doubt, Dale Moss has a lot to celebrate. Transitioning from the squares of the NFL standard playing for the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, Dale is now signed to Wilhelmina Models where he has now had a great deal of success. In addition to an admirable passion for directing and producing concept work for prestigious brands in the sports, fashion and fitness industry, Dale also has a strong focus on becoming an entertainment host.

If you ask us, Dale has a lot to celebrate and it’s very easy to see why the concert series holds his interest.

“The Hamptons is my favorite place to go and it’s because there is no other place like it in the summer.” Dale told us. “When you are surrounded by people who are like minded, well traveled and enthused about having fun, it truly makes for an unmatched experience.”

It’s now crunch time and Dale has allowed us to document how he gets ready for one of Montauk’s most sought after events through skincare routines, scents, and workouts etc

Scroll through for Dale’s full look and some grooming, and personal style tips.


On Hair:

“The pre festivities prep is crucial and I have to make sure my curls are looking nice! I mix up my products but always go with a wax or pomade with a wet look. This works for me because I don't want my hair to dry out and the hold makes it so I can stay looking clean throughout the day and transition over into the night easily. 9 times out of 10 once I leave for the beach or brunch I'm out for the rest of the day.”


On His Summer Style:

“Less is more for me. I love a clean high end look and this summer, I've been all for the linens, light button downs and clean accessories like necklaces and bracelets. When I'm on the beach or in the sun, I want to be comfortable and able to move freely. You will usually see me in an all white sneaker or loafer that is comfortable and versatile. Allows for me to dance a little bit as well.


On Attending His First Summer Concert Series with Grey Goose:

“It means a lot to be attending my first summer concert series at the surf lodge with Grey Goose. They are a reputable brand and the lifestyle they represent really is a representation of who I am and how I choose to live. I appreciate the nice things in life, but at the end of the day I'm all about experience and making memories with great people.”


On Fragrance:

“The new boss bottled is great and I rarely mix fragrances but this had a nice fruity undertone that I felt mixed nicely with YSL’s Y Eau de Parfum.”


On The Skincare Products He Swears By:

“I love Lab Series products and I am a huge believer in moisturizing and locking it in throughout the day to keep my skin looking good. Four products I am never without are their Day Rescue Defense Lotion, Solid Water Essence, Oil Control Daily Moisturizer, and gentle cleanser”


On pre-event rituals:

“I always love to set the tone for an event or evening with friends by relaxing and enjoying a nice drink without the crowd. It kind of let’s me ease into my mood for the evening and Grey Goose is the perfect drink to start things off right.”


On The Key To Great Skin:

“Hydrate hydrate hydrate and think of your skin care routine in layers. The more you can lock moisture in it keeps your skin glowing and you will feel great.”


On His Summer Concert Series Look:

I am wearing BOSS Footwear, pants and shades. I also decided to go with a white button down from ZARA paired with a custom silver necklace and bracelet for accessories that won’t weigh me down. I love my ankle length pants because they have some stretch in them and they also give a very relaxed summer vibe. That is, paired with a great all white sneaker. As far as jewelry I think a clean chain and matching bracelets is not only high end but doesn't weigh you down.


On The Summer Concert Series:

“I love live music and the Surf Lodge knows how to put on a great show. The venue is also very beautiful. Pair that with the amazing vibe of Montauk in the summer and it's a winning combination for anyone.”