We Had Dinner With Mont Blanc, And Here's What You Should Know About The New Fragrance


Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Matthew David

We at BOND OFFICIAL are exceptionally pleased Mont Blanc decided to continue discovering new territories in scents that are noticeably unisex and time endured – an essential in any man or woman’s assemblage.

This month, Mont Blanc celebrated the launch of its latest fragrance at a dinner event in Pioneertown, California, joined by some of the industry’s most superlative content creators. There was wine, whiskey, an elaborate dinner spread, and a dialogue lead by representatives about the core values of what it means to explore the world on our own terms. The conversation was quite comprehensive, housing everything from heritage, to craftsmanship, and aspiration legitimizing the concept of the brand’s new fragrance, EXPLORER.

Here’s what you should know:



On the subject of the clear-cut aroma:

what we learned during dinner was that in creating the scent, Mont Blanc collaborated with Givaudan perfumers to concoct exotic aromas from different parts of the globe: Bergamot from Italy as a top note, Vetiver from Haiti as a middle note, and patchouli from Indonesia as a base note. Altogether, the combination blends into a thrilling woody scent worthy of several spritz’s from every globetrotter.


On the subject of design


EXPLORER is perhaps one of Mont Blanc’s most inspired fragrances and the storyline for this new scent efforts a keen appreciation for very birth. The bottle design features the signature Mont Blanc six pointer star over a classic Soffiano leather finish. For a semi heavy concave bottle, its design feels sleek, and looks well polished. If you’re a fan of the brand, this should come as no surprise since the same design aesthetic reads through in every product especially the brand’s leather goods.