Three Key Tips For A Successful Last-Minute Getaway


Words, Martin Tettey

Illustration, Danerick Patrick

On top of a hectic and demanding schedule, a last minute getaway may seem impossible to plan, but it’s actually quite doable. Sure, there is an endless amount of luxurious trips that require traveling half way across the globe, but for last-minute trips, it’s important to be more realistic on where to go for quick getaway. Depending on where you’re based, consider destinations that are close enough to travel to. You also want to consider the revealing of an untapped culture you are yet to experience (i.e Bermuda is only an hour and a half plane ride from New York).

Behind every successful trip, even the last-minute ones, lies some effective planning. Here are three key tips:

  • Flights

The most expensive part of a last-minute trip is the flight, but there are plenty of resources and tricks to set you up for success. Platforms like Hitlist, Google flights and Skyscanner are some of the best ways to find cost-efficient flights at your finger tip. If you are a frequent flyer, and a dedicated member to one specific airline (i.e Delta, Jetblue, or American Airline), your loyalty points can earn you round trip to a nearby destination. Within less than 4 hours, make way for a beautiful change of scenery — a short plane ride across the blue waters to white sand beaches in the Caribbean or a trip up north to breath-taking landscape views in Northern Canada.

  • Visas

Last minute travel plans may require a last-minute visa depending on your citizenship — Passport Index provides information on which passports will require a visa depending on the destination. If for any reason you need to obtain a visa, the respective embassy may support expediting the process as quickly as 1-2 days. It’s best advised to purchase travel insurance on flight bookings should any delays on the visa affect your ability to travel on the given dates.

  • Accommodations

Even though Airbnb has become a great tool for travelers around the world making for an incredible way to be hosted in homes like a local, there are many travelers who still prefer luxury hotels over a rented home. If that traveler is you, apps like Hotel Tonight and One Night are two reliable booking apps that provide luxurious rooms at a less-strenuous price.