Derek Blasberg Hosted A NYFW Party With Diane Von Furstenberg And These Are The Men Who Attended

Earlier this week, fashion icon, Diane Von Furstenberg heartened spring optimism by remodeling her meatpacking shop into a flowery leeway. Hosting alongside Derek Blasberg, and Selby Drummond, invited guests ranging from models to bloggers, and editors were highly encouraged to luxuriate.

Patrons, including the likes of RJ King, Eric Rutherford, and Browne Andrews, could not get enough of vivid appearances in style, and grounded personality. There was an abundance of prints, pattern, talent, and laughter - the way Diane Von Furstenberg likes to keep it.

Singer, Charlotte Lawrence delivered a magnificent vocal performance that left guests feeling vibrant, and cheerful as champagne, custom cocktails, and groovy disco tunes flowed. What more could you ask for at a Diane Von Furstenberg party?