The Best Spots For Coffee In New York City According To Caleb Thill


Coffee enthusiasts have a preference. Some like more milk, some like more foam. What really differentiates coffee shops is the beans they use and how they pull the Expresso shots. My go-to coffee order is either a Cortado or a cold brew depending on my mood.
— Caleb Thill

When it comes to getting coffee in New York City, you can find a cup on just about every block. Whether it’s stepping into the corner bodega, or joining the masses at Starbucks, the options are limitless for your daily dose of caffeine. For content creator, and social media influencer Caleb Thill, having a coffee is more than just a caffeine refuel, it’s an essential.

Last week, Caleb invited BOND OFFICIAL to experience one of his favorite coffee shops in Manhattan - a sun filled Ludlow Coffee Supply located in the heart of lower Manhattan. Having coffee with Caleb ignited a familiar feeling highlighting an era of a particular culture where it was okay to take five minutes to recharge - to be inspired, and to be present.  

“When I first moved to New York City, I would go to a different coffeeshop before work, and just sit. It was there that I would find and set the tone for the day. I would start my day by drawing inspiration from the environment, and it has become a ritual that I continue to do everyday.” says, Caleb on how his enthusiasm for coffee began.

Elaborating on the features to look out for when considering a “good coffee shop” like most of us do , Caleb claims that there are three things he looks out for: ambience, quality coffee, and location. This is justified since most of us are able to substantiate this priority frame with any hang out spots.

Four of Caleb’s favorite coffee spots in the city extend below:

Happy Bones | NoLita

“One of the reasons Happy Bones is one of my favorites is because I enjoy a minimal interior aesthetic. The location is super small so, it’s very intimate and cozy. Everything about the design has been thought through for the purpose of catching up with friends, or being able to work alone. Of course, they have great coffee too. When I think of a coffee shop in New York City, Happy Bones is exactly what I’d imagine. People from all walks of life coming to one place to enjoy coffee.”

To Order: Cortado

Devocion | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“This one is for the coffee snobs - the people who really know their coffee. I enjoy the interiors here as well. It’s so vast and, it’s so open. There’s a lot of natural light, and tons of greenery - very colorful. Sort of feels like an oasis. The coffee is served in yellow cups because it’s the signature Devocion color. I mean, what a color palette.”

To Order: Cold Brew Coffee

Ludlow Coffee Supply | Lower East Side

“So, I’m usually a Cortado or a cold brew coffee drinker, and Ludlow Coffee Supply is typically where I go to indulge in new coffee drinks. I enjoy Ludlow Coffee Supply, and its aspirational interiors. I journal, and read here as well. This location is actually near one of my first apartments from when I first moved to the city. The neighborhood is really young, and lively. Lots of restaurants surrounding, and incredible one off boutiques.”

To Order: The Bourbon Vanilla Latte

Sweatshop | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“Sweatshop has some of the best food selections out of the other cafes without compromising the coffee quality. They carry some of the best avocado toast in the city, and also the breakfast sandwiches are out of this world. They have a great outdoor seating area, and it’s just all around good vibes.”

To Order: Avocado Toast with Hot Sauce, and a Cold Brew Coffee