Inside Patrick Janelle’s Cozy Soho Apartment

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Patrick Janelle for BOND OFFICIAL.jpg

Words, Delanique Millwood

Photography, Grant Legan

Patrick Janelle is defining what it means to be a true idiosyncratic tastemaker who lives an authentic life inside, and outside of his home. Hailing from Colorado, adopted by New York, and welcomed with open arms around the globe, Patrick is no stranger to a breadth of the arts and culture that satisfyingly influences his life.

Landing himself partnerships with international brands like American Express and Grey Goose Vodka, his true entrepreneurial spirit runs deep. With a sense of mutiny against conventionality, it isn’t all that surprising that Patrick’s time is most spent outside of his apartment. Though, that didn’t deter him from creating a space.

BOND OFFICIAL met with Patrick recently in his Soho apartment, where Impressionist artwork dress his walls, brass details accent his space, and Moroccan rugs warm the floor. Patrick sipped a cocktail by Liquor Cabinet , and we talked everything design.


Where are you from and how did that influence your style?

“I grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado . I have always been interested in design, aesthetics and all of the elements that compose a thoughtful, well-lived life.”

Did that influence the neighborhood you chose to reside in New York?

“I’ve always wanted to live in Manhattan. There is a sort of romance about Soho that might have changed over the years, but living in this part of town, there is a sense of artistry and creativity— in the middle of this intense city—that I really want to be a part of.”

Three words that describe your design philosophy at home:

“Eclectic, vibrant and classic. I’m drawn to colors, texture, and idiosyncratic things, and I love piecing things together from different eras. The way that my apartment looks is as important as the way that I dress, the food that I eat, the places I choose to spend my time, and the people that I am around.”

Do you have a signature home scent?

“I rotate through multiple scents. In the winter I love Diptyque’s Feu de Bois. It smells like a wood-burning fireplace! I also have this solid fig fragrance from Diptyque—they call them ‘scented ovals’ — hanging on my front door. And Cinnamon Projects, a NYC-based design team, make the most amazing incense that’s so sensual and seductive.”

Ultimately I am much more inclined to spend most of my time outside of my apartment. Therefore all of the things that I bring into my apartment allow me to connect to those other parts of my life and bring the world into my home
— Patrick Janelle

How long did it take to decorate, and did you work with anyone?

“Immediately I moved in, I started working on my space. I would say it took me about 3-4 months to acquire the things that I wanted. The team from Home Polish helped to get the basic structure of the space. But over the course of 4 years, I’ve constantly added and changed things around.”

What's the story behind your favorite home score? Was it a gift?

“My ex boyfriend gifted me an impressionist painting that I have hanging on my living room wall. He bought it at a thrift store in Germany years ago. It has all of these creases and cracks: details of wear and tear that make you wonder about the story behind it. Another favorite piece is my marble and brass all-in-one bar/table that I had made by Kent Steel co. I love to gather and entertain, and my tiny apartment doesn’t lend itself well to a dining table, so I wanted something that was taller and multi-purpose that could serve as the table for prepping dinner, or a work space. I couldn’t find the right size and style in a store, so I had it made. There’s something special about a piece of furniture that you designed from scratch for your home. It’s like my soul was invested in this.”

In which room do you feel most comfortable, and why?

“Definitely my living. I can do everything here: work, hang out, and prepare drinks and food. All of my favorite objects that I’ve collected and take pride in are all in my living room.”

Most of the objects that I have collected reminds me of the places I have been or an experience that I have had and you wouldn’t necessarily look at my brass leaf and guess that I got it from Rio de Janeiro , but to me, it was a piece that I have connected with
— Patrick Janelle

Tell us a little about Liquor Cabinet and your favorite cocktail:

“Liquor Cabinet was designed for people to learn about and consume liquor more thoughtfully. I have had this idea before I moved to New York . The stories behind spirits are just as interesting as the stories you hear about wine , but there wasn’t a space to talk about liquor. My favorite cocktail totally depends on what my mood is, but in a pinch I would stick to the classics. A good Manhattan, gin Martini and Margarita are the three I would choose to take with me to a deserted island.”

There is never a time when a drink is not appropriate
— Patrick Janelle