Three Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once

Words & Photography, Martin Tettey

Approved, Delanique Millwood

Travel is an essential aspect of becoming who you are. It opens your eyes to new horizons, challenges your strength in times of adversity, and contributes to your overall growth as an individual. The bonds you form in each place you visit stand strong, and the bond you create within yourself is unshakable. That is, if you’re leaping into the unknown of the wildest lands, alone.

Partly triggered by fear, expense or a constant need to be surrounded by familiar faces, it is rare that people understand the benefits of solo traveling. I was once that guy who was too afraid to go anywhere alone because I depended on my friends for enjoyment. To combat my fear of the unfamiliar, I embarked on my first solo trip back to London in 2016. Granted, the luxury of being hosted by my aunt, and family in London was a good start.

I made use of the opportunity to teach myself how to be self-reliant when traveling alone. Much like anything that is new, it took some trial and error to get the knack of flow of a new city. Eventually, traveling solo became second nature - albeit still learning, and the lessons I have learnt conclude to three strong reasons why you too, should travel alone at least once.

  • It Builds Character

When navigating any city alone, you begin to learn more about your capabilities as an individual. Keeping an open mind is important but maintaining vigilance, staying courageous and ready to endure any shortcomings are key in building one’s character. Of course not to intimidate you, but being naive when solo travelling isn’t safe. Actually, being naive at all when traveling isn’t safe whether you are accompanied by friends, or not. New spaces bring new challenges, and it’s important to educate yourself on the places you plan to visit to mentally prepare for your fun-filled, character-building journey ahead.

  • Reinforced Appreciation

Moving at your own pace allows you to absorb every detail of each destination. Personally, I have grown to appreciate the ability to be able to admire certain things - like the architecture of a beautiful building, or a piece of art work at the museum. The lack of haste makes the experience much more relaxing.

  • No Compromise

Solo travel can be lonely. But nothing beats the liberating feeling of escaping boundaries, and visiting places on your own time and at your own pace. The total power, and freedom to plan out your entire trip is exciting. It helps to humble you as a person while gaining more of an appreciation of yourself for overcoming the many challenges traveling alone comes with. It’s a good way to go with the flow of things, and engulf yourself in the entire experience of doing life on your time.

Each city, and culture is different. In its own way, it’ll inspire you to be open, get out of your comfort zone, and try something new that could change your life forever.