Three Millennials On The One Skincare Product They Can't Live Without

We asked three working men to share their holy grail skincare product, and this is what they had to say.


Words, Delanique Millwood

Illustration, Joe McKendry


The skin is a very informed and engaged tissue. It knows what it likes and will immediately react to anything that doesn’t suit it well.

If you have dry skin and use tea tree oil excessively, chances are your skin will get even more dry. If your skin is looking dull and you decide to use a gentle enzyme cleanser, your skin will reward you with a brighter skin tone reveal. Simply put, your skin gets hooked to products that make it better.

We wanted to learn about some essential skincare products the men of today are hooked on so we asked three working millennial men to share the one product they have to have everyday.

These are the things they shared:


Charles McBryde

Career: Digital Creative, Non-Profit

Skin Type: Combination, Mostly dry

Product: Peppermint Face Wash, Harry’s

“I have pretty sensitive skin and the volcanic rock exfoliates well without being too harsh like other exfoliants. Plus the essential oils leave my face feeling alive and refreshed.”



Tyler Holmes

Career: Producer, CNN

Skin Type: Dry

Product: Retinoid, Dermatologist Prescribed

“Retinoid is a type of Vitamin A that is a wrinkle-fighting and skin-smoothing concentrate. I use it as a preventative treatment to avoid getting acne, so when I am 46 years old I can still look 26. The retinoid I use is a prescribed formula that my dermatologist recommended for my skincare.”



Gabriel Hyman

Career: Broadway Performer

Skin Type: Combination, oily T-zone

Product: Daily Reviving Concentrate, Kiehl’s

“I use the Daily Reviving Concentrate because I have such a busy schedule. Whether it is late nights or early mornings, the one step routine wakes up my skin and get rid of my tired lines. I put 3 drops on my T-zone, and I use a circular motion to absorb the product in my skin. I first received the product as a sample, and I couldn’t stop using it because I was hooked after my first use.”