An All-In-One K-Beauty Serum To Consider

‘One Shot Serum Homme Fresh’ by Ossion combines the functions of a toner, essence, emulsion, and facial cologne.


Words, Adrian Kim

Photography, Marcus Richardson

South Korean men are leading the beauty revolution; some are already steps ahead by incorporating make-up into their daily beauty routine. In Western society, most men are still skeptical about using skincare products. Our culture doesn’t even allow a man to comfortably shop for cosmetics without feeling self-conscious of our image. Even as a 26-year-old male born and raised in New York, I too have this problem.

I currently deal with combination, and acne prone skin. In the past 8 years, I developed terrible habits of popping my pimples and mindlessly picking at my face.  I never used skincare products or lotions, but when I did, I simply used a bar soap to wash my face, and didn’t even own a chapstick.

It used to take me about 5-minutes to shower because I was lazy and I didn’t see the need to spend a long time on self/skin care when I could go watch or play sports for hours.

This all changed when I started to date my girlfriend who happens to be a total skincare nut. She brought it to my attention that I had developed really bad skincare habits.

Out of curiosity, I pushed myself to ask her some questions and do some of my own research. I was finally fed up with the condition of my skin and while I would never attempt the infamous ten-step routine, I wanted to try my hand at a simple, clean, two-step routine inclusive of a serum and a moisturizer.

After trying several different products with ridiculous claims, I can say that the ‘One Shot Serum Homme Fresh’ by Ossion has been my favorite so far and works best for my skin. It combines the functions of a toner, essence, emulsion, and facial cologne. Game. Changer.

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