Can We Talk Collagen Supplements?

For your skincare consideration, Wholy Dose .


Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Nick Urteaga


Collagen supplements, huh - sounds a bit much for men’s skincare on a day to day basis. These days, we’re being told we need seven step skincare routines and now, collagen supplements to add to that? Perhaps not. At least, that’s what I thought until I recently learned something new; As men, once we reach our 20’s, the production of our body’s collagen (the most plenteous root of protein in our bodies) begins to lessen. That’s when I ripped the brittle band off my shiftless attitude towards additional self care, realizing this decline is nothing we as men can control commonly.

If you’re still a bit off course here, point blank: lessened collagen means signs of dry skin, breaking hair, and fragile nails. In said case, what we’re dealing with is more essential and structural than it is superficial hence the need for these collagen supplements we are now in conversation about.

The aim here isn’t to add more things on the list for you to worry about but to only gives you options to help you improve upon what’s already there. You should be including collagen supplements in your diet for the same reasons you wear a moisturizer, and drink water. I’m talking ingredients and calculated benefits (at least for the reason I started to care in the first place) : the improvement of your skin tone, complexion, and immune system.

As I have recently found out from my two month research, not all collagen supplements correspond in the same equivalent, therefore, your preference should merit a first-rate product that will do the job, and more.

A well founded choice is Wholy Dose, a relatively new brand I’ve been consistently using since I tried an unflavored sampler pack two months ago.

Made with premium collagen and other superfood ingredients like Biotin, and Horsetail, the brand offers a diverse selection of powders that can be added to a variety of liquid refreshments including lemonade, juices, and any kind of coffee, or teas.

As a growing man with sensitive skin and every little thing capable of setting it off, it took a few days for me to commit to using it consistently. I kept battling with myself - was this just another protein powder? or was this actually essential to not only my skin, but my health as well? Eventually, I became a bit more comfortable after doing added research and in seeing that my skin seemed to be improving on minimum use with the exception of my deep acne scars.

I currently put the unflavored powder in my juices and soft drinks once a day right before breakfast. It has been two months since I began using, and I must say my skin has never felt more velvety with exception of its problem areas which now seem to be healing with time. For my body, all that I’ll say is that I feel really good. Less sluggish, and more enthused about physical activity.

In support of my regular skincare routine, I’m still on the Wholy Dose journey and if there’s one thing it has been, it’s ‘effective’.