Men and Makeup: Beauty Expert, Jason Hoffman On Quick Fixes

In the hopes of further promoting this confidence booster, global beauty director at Laura Mercier, Jason Hoffman has provided us with a comprehensive product guide on how to attain quick fixes for a neat and wholesome complexion.


Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Joel Alexander

I’m in close association with the need of make up as a modern man living in a modern world. I got my hands on my first containers of full coverage foundation and concealer during my senior year of high school living as a teenager who suffered the aftermath of severe cystic acne. Since then, in the name of making effort to look my best, I’ve continued to apply products like tinted moisturizers, and under eye concealers in a muted, and toned down way.

The cosmetics topic for men is still not one that seems to come about casually - even though the production of today’s grooming content specifically targeted towards male cosmetics users prove that it’s in our line of thought and that some of us utilize certain products every once in a while.

Google Search shows that the most searched question in the men’s beauty category highlights how to conceal imperfections with makeup and this revelation is far from shocking. Grooming habits are developing gradually and the actuality of beauty brands setting aside grouping in their repertoire for men’s cosmetics is very telling of the future.

Meet Jason Hoffman, global beauty director at Laura Mercier with a long and established resume in the beauty industry. Hoffman believes that men have always wanted to look their best but many did not know what to do and were too embarrassed to ask.

He says, “I can’t tell you how many women have confessed that their boyfriends or husbands secretly use their beauty products. Makeup has become demystified and after “peeking behind the curtain”, I think men are realizing that it’s not so scary and can actually boost their confidence.”

Hoffman also notes that the key to invisible makeup, especially for men is “to keep it light and have the textures mimic what the skin does naturally.”

In the hopes of further promoting this confidence booster, Hoffman has provided us with a comprehensive product guide on how to attain quick fixes for a neat and wholesome complexion with expert tips:

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“Technically skincare and not makeup but with the arnica and caffeine extract combined with violet pearl, the eye is instantly brighter so less concealer is needed.”

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“Over the past 20 years this product has saved me more times than I can count. It is a matte concealer that comes 2 shades to a compact so you can mix to get the perfect match when covering a blemish or any discoloration. A matte texture is great for blemishes because it holds longer and does not draw attention to the area in question. Use a tiny brush to conceal imperfections or pat under the eye (over eye serum or cream) with fingertips to brighten and look more awake.”

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“Laura Mercier introduced the U.S to tinted moisturizer years ago and the makeup industry soon followed. Our new formulation is everything you love about the current but amplified. The spf is higher (30 from 20), there are more skincare benefits and the finish is even more natural which makes it perfect for men who want to discreetly improve their complexion without adding extra steps. Apply the TM as your moisturizer and you get 24 hour hydration, spf protection and an even complexion with a natural glow.”



“A little bronzer goes a long way in making the skin look healthy and rested. For the most discreet finish, choose a matte formula and apply in layers using a fluffy brush.”