Diptyque Finally Launched Its First Men's Fragrance And Here's Why You'll Love It

If you are in the market for a new spring/summer fragrance that is as soothing as it is delicate, and subtle, look no further because Diptyque has an answer with its first men’s fragrance, “Eau De Minthe”.



Illustration, Courtesy of Diptyque

The highly acclaimed Parisian perfumer, Diptyque has launched its first men’s fragrance, “Eau De Minthe”.

Inspired by Minthe, a Naiad nymph in primeval greek mythology whose tale focuses on mint plant transformation, we predict that the scent will be highly recognized for its particularly remarkable use of floral enhancements and spices.

Hailing from an advanced blend solely generated for the brand in Oregon called, “Cascade Mint” - a name that pays homage the Cascade Mountains where it is grown, Eau De Minthe features notes of Patchouli, Rose Oxide, and Géranium - making for the perfect refined earthy scent.

We at BOND OFFICIAL settle on three words that completely embody the scent: Mild, Velvety, and Delicate.

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