A Look Into ACUMEN, American Crew's Skincare Brand for Men

American Crew ACUMEN Event_047.jpg


Photography, Kil Park

Men’s grooming is undergoing a revolutionary shift, and we’re happy to report that it is not being undermined.

Last week, popular haircare brand, American Crew took over hotel New York City’s Arlo Nomad to reintroduce friends of the brand to the newly launched men’s skincare line, ACUMEN. Within the comfort of skin and hair services on site like facials, and pomade testing, BOND OFFICIAL was able to get a thorough look at the brand’s new offerings.

For the grooming conscious yet fiercely busy man, ACUMEN is posed to be a daily must have with over thirty products created for a variety of skin types.

We briefly chatted with David Raccuglia, Founder of American Crew, and here’s what he shared with BOND OFFICIAL about his new venture:

On the history of American Crew

“Hair care was our main focus. 25 years ago when we launched American Crew, it was all about hair and shave, and we wanted to bring back classic grooming. In 1994, men had gone through some tough decades - we had the 70s and the 80s which were both very anti grooming. Around that time, men sort of lost their way in classic grooming. I am from an Italian blue-collar family, and grew up seeing all of my uncles with grease in their hair, and they also wore suits. That was my vision for handsome men. And I wanted American Crew to provide good quality shaving and hair products for those men.“

On the launch of ACUMEN

“Men are proud of the fact that they groom — in the past, men were too embarrassed to use skincare products. However, now all of that has changed, and the men’s grooming category is on fire. With our partnership with Revlon and having the best skincare engineers in the country, it was perfect timing for us, and that is what made us launch ACUMEN. We are ready to introduce a regimen that is simple, and effective. Men want products that fit into their everyday life. ACUMEN is completely designed with a 4-step regimen: shower, shave, hair, and skincare.”

On what sets ACUMEN apart

““Men are not necessarily trying to look younger, they are just trying to mitigate the skincare process. Most men are looking for products that make their skin look less tired, and more refreshed and energized. So instead of focusing on anti-aging, our regimen is anti-oxidant and moisture based. There are a lot of good skin products out there, but what sets us apart is that men’s grooming is all we do. We are not a women’s brand that now decides to launch men’s grooming, we work with men, study their habits, and understand what they want.”

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