A Look At How Oribe Styled The Models At New York Men’s Day

Hair care has turned into a phenomenon that men are embracing in a variety of ways since it has long changed over the past decades. Most men were introduced to hairstyles that were influenced by musicians like Elvis Presley who sported the Pompadour, Jimi Hendrix who flaunted his afro, and today, athletes around the world popularized the Mohawk haircut — that varies in style.

It’s all about exploring what your hair can do, and having a relationship with a personal hairstylist that gets you. Knowing which styles fit your face structure, which tools and products create the best look, and understanding the difference between too much and too little. Highlighting the role hair plays in and outside of the fashion scene is important as it tells a story of the individual - the same way designers request specific styles, and shapes based on the story they are trying to tell. Every detail gives way for a seamless presentation.

At New York Men’s Day, the team at Oribe Hair Care worked with the designers to construct elevated, polished, and extravagant hair styles for each presentation based on the inspiration behind the collections and the designer’s vision. See below for thorough details on how to achieve some of the looks.

David Hart

Led by Oribe educator, Kien Hoang:
This season, David Hart played on French style in his F/W19 collection showcasing pieces meant to personify young Americans abroad in Paris. Oribe Director of Training & Content, Kien Hoang keyed the show using ’90s pop boy bands as his inspiration. He styled the models into two different looks—perfectly polished curly textures and sleek-and-chic center parts.


Get the look:

Defined, Polished Curls

Spray Foundation Mist all over to awaken curls

Use Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste with a wooden pencil stick to shape and define curls

Shake curls while spraying Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax to set

Spray Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray to shape

Sleek, Straight Strands

Spray Foundation Mist all over to awaken natural texture and find a center part

Apply Balm d’Or throughout

Blow-dry hair to make strands sleek and straight

Enhance movement with Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax

Vasilis Loizides

Led by Oribe educator, Dan Nguyen:
Individuality and androgyny played major roles at the Vasilis Loizides F/W19 presentation. Oribe Educator, Dan Nguyen pulled inspiration from the collection’s circus theme in order to create four different avant-garde styles.


Get the look:

Highly Textured Mohawk

Apply Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream throughout hair

Add Balm d’Or and Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray and mold hair to desired shape


Spray hair with Foundation Mist

Apply Maximista Thickening Spray to plump strands

Add in wefts to extend hair below waist

Apply Sculpting Cream

Braid hair and secure at end