The Morning Routines of Well-To-Do Men: Rob Gregg


To open BOND OFFICIAL’s first ever morning routine segment, we got a hold of Rob Gregg, the Founder & CEO of luxury performance shoes, Rob McAllan. In addition to running his own business, this northern Californian entrepreneur is also the Vice President, and Head of Business for Inc 500’s #1 Fastest Growing NY MarTec Platform, GeistM. So, if there’s anyone who knows about the importance of setting the tone for the day from the moment we wake up, it’s him.

Rob understands that what it means to be successful is more than wealth, and status. Rather, it’s all about curating a colorful life of balance and purpose.

Extended below is a quick look into how Rob wakes up to set the wheels in motion for the rest of the day.


We see you just about every morning around 6:45am on your Instagram saying “good morning” to us on your way to the gym.  What happens in your morning before that?
Honestly, that’s pretty close to my first moment of the day. I set two alarms. One at 6:20am, and the next at 6:30am, and by the second one it usually takes me no time at all to get out of bed. I just know it takes me two alarms to wake up. The first alarm is a reminder that “ok, you've got to get something done today” and the second is an “ok, it's time to get out of bed.

So would you say that you’re a morning person?
I really wish that I was. To be honest, the single most difficult part of the day for me, and many other people is getting out of bed in the morning. I would love to hit the snooze button, and stay in bed but I know that if I can do this one thing... if I can plant both feet on the floor, get up and get to the gym, if I can start my day by overcoming this challenge - it means that everything else in perspective becomes that much easier. It's all about priming my brain for the day.

Why is it so important for you to get to the gym in the mornings?
Well, if you're going to stick to something, it has to be something you have control over and the morning has become my time. There was a time when I wasn't working out, I was eating bad, my energy levels were low, and I could not get my energy and passion up for my business. I knew that I needed to get exercise but my question was “how do I get it in?” I have had to learn that it’s okay to unplug to do what I need to do, its okay to not respond to that email or text right away. I had to remove distraction. It’s to the point now that I am the only one who can influence whether or not I get out of bed, do what I need to do and set the pace for the rest of the day.

It seems like a large factor in your efficiency is simplicity.
Oh yeah, it's the Steve Jobs philosophy. It's the reason you saw him wear the same thing everyday. I try and eliminate as many unnecessary decisions in the day as possible . The goal is to only focus on, and put energy towards the decisions that are important to your day. All the other things, don't let them take up too much space in your brain. In the morning, I know that I'm going to drink the same thing, eat the same thing, what shirt to grab, and what shorts i’ll wear and then i’m out the door. In all, it takes me about 2 minutes, and then i’m out starting my day.


How important is it to you to start your day with a healthy meal?
So important. I believe that the way things Start is the way things end. The thing is, I still have those days when I don’t go to the gym. I’m not perfect. You know, one of those days when I decide to go to Starbucks and get a latte, and a cookie and when I start off that way, my whole day is less productive because of it. This is the same reason why I don't go out, and party. My speed is more of what we’re doing right now - a glass of whisky a night, and I'm fine with that. The worst thing for me is waking up the next day and not reaching the level of productivity that I desire because I wasn’t disciplined the night before. The goal is always to start my day well with hopes of ending my day well.

So what happens during the time after the gym and you getting to the office?
That’s my time to just be human, my free time. I try not to plan it and have a little flexibility for if something comes up. During this time, I might catch up with friends and family or grab coffee with someone to catch up and chat about something not related to work. This might also be the time that I take to be creative - try and come up with new Rob McAllan designs. Then this might also be the time where I might just lay on the floor for a bit after a hard work out. As you saw on my calendar, once I get into the office, I'm stuck in a really tight schedule.  So I like to set aside some time before clocking in to be open, and free to create and connect.

Do you have any products that are a must-have for you in the morning?

I value simplicity, and that applies to my grooming regimen as well, so I don't use more than the essentials. In that spirit of starting and ending my day well, one of my must have products is Twice Toothpaste made by my friends, Cody and Julian Levine. These guys have developed two products that give you a unique, and empowering brushing experience in the morning and at night. The morning paste wakes you up, and the night toothpaste has lavender and is calming before bed. Outside of that I make sure to have a moisturizer to keep my face hydrated - especially in the winter.

Since we talk to the modern man on BOND OFFICIAL, is there any advice that you would give to men looking to start their day well in hopes of seeing sustainable results?

Well, the resounding word for me is courage, and the core of that word is honesty and truthfulness. So to be a man to me is to be honest, and to be truthful. You can't be the best version of yourself if you’re not honest with who you are. If you're not truthful with others, those relationships are weaker. A man should be open. In his moments of weakness and strength, he should be genuine. It's not about hiding when you break, don't sweep it under the rug because then you’re just hiding a part of yourself that is broken and it will never heal. Masculinity is about learning from our flaws, and faults and growing.  So in terms of starting your day, be honest with your intention for the day and be truthful about who you are and allow yourself to grow!