These Tips Will Help You Create Your Own Skincare Routine From Scratch


Words, Delanique Millwood

Photography, Nick Urteaga

Truth is, there isn’t just one-formula for the perfect skin. Some people praise natural resources like water for their good-skin, and others can’t live without a potent vitamin c serum. We all need our own tried, and true skincare routine; a routine that caters to our specific skin-type whether dry, oily, or combination.

It really only takes three solid products to curate your own skincare routine, but for the main purpose of variety, BOND OFFICIAL has approved and provided a digestible amount of options that will appeal to men dealing with facial structures of all types. It takes effort to master a skincare routine, but consider this your cheat sheet to knowing what you will need to get started. The key is to find your tribe of products, and stick to them.

Face Cleanser

First thing you need is a cleanser that is non-drying, full of moisture and vitamins that will leave your skin balanced, and not stripped of its natural oils. The key to finding the best non-drying cleanser is to ensure that the product is alcohol free, and stripped of drying culprits like tea tree oil that dry out all the moisture from your skin. Ingredients like tea tree oil should only be used for spot treatments.

Face Scrub

If your skin tends to look a bit dull, it’s probably because you almost never exfoliate. Face scrubs are used to exfoliate dry/dead skin cells while breathing life into healthy glowing skin. The process of exfoliation also helps with reducing signs of wrinkles - boosting smoother skin, and increase in the absorption of moisturizers and serums.


Allow me to let you in on a little secret: you need it. Serums are concentrated vitamins, and antioxidants that boost the skin’s overall system. It penetrates deeply into your skin’s deepest layer, and delivers a potent concoction of ingredients like vitamin C (used for brightening the skin), vitamin E (used for reducing oily skin), and hyaluronic acid (used to retain moisture), to power healthy clean skin.


This is a non-negotiable skincare essential. A good moisturizer is as important as a glass of water to keep your skin hydrated. A body lotion is not the equivalent of a face cream, and both should be respectfully treated as they were designed to. A good face cream is full of vitamins that keep your skin sealed with moisture and at best, fight acne. Key to finding the best moisturizer? For oily skin, a lightweight oil-free gel cream consistency is your best option to not having an excessively shiny finish. If you struggle with dry skin, a rich cream infused with the oils you need will deeply hydrate, and help dryness.

Pre & Post Shaving Oil

A pre, and post shaving oil made with black seed oil, pumpkin oil, and borage oil ensure a clean, and spotless shaving experience. Applying an oil to the area pre shave is one of the best ways to loosen friction between the skin, and the razor.

For Bearded Men: Beard Oil

Your beard needs to be well kept with oils that keep it hydrated and conditioned. Ideally, it is recommended to use a face scrub on your beard to release ingrown hair, and follow up with a beard oil to prevent brittleness, itching, and dandruff.

Spot Treatment

Remember the tea tree oil I mentioned earlier? It’s an option. A spot treatment is designed to do exactly what it sounds like, treat a spot. Considering tea tree oil is an essential oil that is antibacterial, it has the right amount of germ-fighting properties that will rid the skin of bacterial acne. The best way to use a spot treatment is to apply it on your acne at night after cleansing, and moisturizing. Leave on overnight to work its magic, and chances guarantee you will wake up spot-free.