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In Conversation With The Brother Duo Behind Haerfest

Known for their collections of backpacks, duffels, briefcases and totes featuring Italian leather, water resistant rubberized fabrics, and a signature ring and stud system, Haerfest is now expanding their brand by reaching into more travel and grooming projects - partners include household names like Mercedes Benz, and WeLive Wall Street, to name a few.

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How This Former Investment Banker Became An Entrepreneur In The Fashion Business

The 47-year-old Southern Californian-turned New Yorker tells BOND OFFICIAL about his youth on the West Coast, early days in investment banking and venture capital and the inspiration that led to the launch of ZACHARY PRELL, his eponymous menswear brand.

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Fashion Photographer, Daniel D'Ottavio Talks Balancing Fatherhood, and Work Life

In efforts to further propel, and expand views on authentic definitions of masculinity in parenthood, Daniel discusses his experience balancing two of the most circumstantial things in his life: fatherhood, and work.

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