Garrett Swann Talks New iGTV series, Undercovers, and Its Biggest Takeaways

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Words, Igee Okafor

Interview, Delanique Millwood

Photography, Marcus Richardson

It is almost beyond the bounds of possibility to pinpoint a character like Garrett Swann’s in inscribed words. “Exuberant” is the first thing that registers, but for someone like Swann, there are layers to the amount of human vibrance he oozes. Here’s the deal - Mr. Swann cannot be confined to any areas or volume in every sense, and unarguably, this super power only so few people possess has been used as a channel to propel all of his inspiring endeavors - past and present.

In addition to being one of social media’s most adored silver foxed “daddies”, a brief account of Swann’s exciting life includes being a soap opera regular on early 2000’s show, “Fashion House” alongside Morgan Fairchild, and Taylor Kinney - an experience he describes as “summer camp” because of the cast’s close knit relationship and the invigorating excitement the process of filming brought about.

In all his effortless charm, full-of-life energy, and boldness, the silver fox is a hard one to miss. Following the actor’s experience, Swann’s resume continued to expand. From event designer, to Art Director to some of TV’s most popular shows like Animal Planet, and the Pet Shop, Swann is constantly reinventing himself.

With his newly launched IGTV interview series, ‘Undercovers’, Swann is contributing to the reconceptualizing of discovering real truth in the kindest, and most enjoyable way possible.

On the inspiration behind ‘Undercovers’:

“About 10 years ago I had done a television series, and ever since I have been looking for a reason to do an interview series. I used to love lounging around in bed with my friends when I was in high school, and we would lay there and have deep conversations about life. It also dawned on me that in every high school show in television, there’s this kind of setting where anytime the teenagers needed to talk about something real, it was always in the bedroom. The bedroom to me felt like a safe environment for people that allow them to become who they really are. Your bed is kind of your throne. My bed is personally my throne. I find solitude in the ability to stare at my bed and know that it is my safe place. And if I allow people to have a safe place, then they are going to feel comfortable having conversations — telling me real stories in the most authentic way.

I originally wanted to name the series to be ‘bed lounge’ but then I was working with some producers at the time, and we realized that it was all about uncovering the truth, and the literal pun of being ‘undercovers’ while in bed. It’s just a really good pun!

On the importance of being vulnerable:

People mistake vulnerability for weakness. Vulnerability is a matter of strength, and the ability to be open with thoughts and feelings regardless adversities is essential to the essence of who someone is. Vulnerability means being in touch with something that is so deep and rooted in you. In everyday life, most are vulnerable in bed which is the concept behind ‘Undercovers’. Yeah, there is vulnerability because of the things that we do in our bed [he laughs], and I never want people to feel uncomfortable. There is strength in vulnerability, when we can get to that true awareness of self, it allows us to be transparent about who we are.


On the biggest takeaways from each series:

I want people to get a sense of relatability from each person(s) I am interviewing because that is one of the ways we as people get inspired by things. We look to the people we admire, and find ways in how we can relate to them because they inspire us, whether that person is in fitness, or their entrepreneurial endeavors. It was never about hosting a celebrity show, but no matter who I interview on Undercovers, I want people to watch each series and feel like they can relate to that person through their stories.