New York Based Designers On The Future of Men's Fashion: Matteo Maniatty

Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Courtesy of Agentry PR

Designer, Matteo Maniatty brought a jolt of introspection to the scene for the Descendant of Thieves Fall/Winter 2019 presentation. With his distinctive passion for the day to day style movements in New York City, as well as his new found love for Bleecker Street, Matteo is now taking a specified direction exploring wide ranging variations of the maximalist man. One that sees a voluminous mixture of striking colors, prints, patterns, and silhouettes. We’re talking everything from gold bottoms, and bright green knits to jackets with removable faux fur collars.

Here’s what designer, Michael Rubin himself had to say to BOND OFFICIAL about his Fall/Winter 19 collection:

On Inspiration Behind The Collection:

“ So we just opened a store on Bleecker Street in the city, and we are now looking at New York through new eyes. We are really inspired by how individualistic New Yorkers are, and how they really dress to themselves, and who they want to be. It’s an extension of our last collection. We started doing earth tones in the spring but this season, we went deeper into the tones with warmer colors - mixing blues with browns. The last collection, we also did some pinks, and old variety buttons. This season, it was all about playing with different fabrics to design into layers. I’m a huge fan of the gold pants. It has just the right amount of shine, and is so beautiful in its texture. The jacket with the removable faux fur collar is another favorite.”

On The Future of Men’s Style According To The Descendant of Thieves Brand:

“For us, it’s a “love thy neighbor but do not dress like him” concept. The idea is loving the people around you, and letting them do what they want to do. It also talks to a double entendre with the “love thy neighbor” concept - where with politics, and everything else that is going on, maybe we should love each other a little bit more.”

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