New York Based Designers On The Future of Men’s Fashion: David Hart

Words, Igee Okafor

Photography, Courtesy of Agentry PR

For the Fall/Winter 2019 season, New York based designer, David Hart presented a very focused collection addressing minimalism, and essential needs for the modern man’s wardrobe. Although, a very thought-provoking choice for David from an outsider’s perspective in terms of color palette, and presentation quantity, there is no doubt that the New York based designer is on to something significant.

With a reputation for being one of the few notable menswear designers in New York City who consistently designs clothing men can actually wear, David Hart is highlighting realism in what it means to have really beautiful, luxury garments that men can feel self-assured in.

Here’s what David himself had to say to BOND OFFICIAL about his contemporary tailored collection:

On Choosing to Present Only 5 looks for his FW19 Collection:

“I was really into the idea of 90’s minimalism. I love the idea of building out a minimalist wardrobe. It’s really about the only pieces you need: a great V Neck, a great turtleneck, a great double breasted suit, a single breasted suit, and one tie. As we were styling the collection with the models, it kind of evolved into this idea of boybands. I thought the boys looked like a great boyband from the 90’s like the Backstreet Boys, and N’Sync. We really just wanted to loosen up the tailoring this season. So all of the jackets are a little longer, and the trousers are a little fuller.”

On The Future of Men’s Style According To The David Hart Brand:

“We’ve been in this kind of streetwear dominated media moment, but those guys will eventually grow up, and will want to throw on a suit. Whether it’s for their personal style or a particular occasion, we want to be there for them. It’s really about highlighting beautiful tailoring, and perfect craftsmanship. These two things will always remain staples of men’s style, and will always come back around.”

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